Northwest Ohio's Growth Sectors

The Northwest Ohio FAM Tour is an annual event hosted by the Regional Growth Partnership, the lead economic development organization representing 17 counties in Northwest Ohio.

This event has grown in numbers every year and gained national notoriety in the eyes of many site consultants.  And now FAM Tour 2018 is in the books for three informative, educational … and FUN … days this summer which are June 13-15, 2018!

Our goal in bringing site consultants to Northwest Ohio is to … well, that’s probably pretty obvious. You know what we’re trying to do. We want to showcase our regional assets. And we think we have lots to show!

But that probably sounds like most FAM Tours you’ve been on, right? You’re all busy … you get invited to these types of things probably every week … so why come to ours?

Because we have the secret formula that makes our FAM Tour the BEST! You will not be disappointed! Believe us, this will be worth your time. Better yet, don’t just believe us … check out the testimonial videos on this site from your peers … a handful of site consultants who have experienced the Mother of All FAM Tours! Hear what they have to say about their journey to the Toledo region.

Bottom line – our goal is to best utilize your time by providing you the critical information you deem important, and present it to you by the people you want to hear from (Hint – no politicians, government bureaucrats, PR flaks, etc. are permitted within 25 miles of our FAM Tour).

Oh, and as briefly mentioned above … you will have fun, and lots of it! Since starting our annual event, we’ve brought in 45 consultants, a handful of them having been here several times … our FAM Tour alumni as we like to call them!  You probably know at least some of them. Give them a call! Hear it straight from their mouths about what goes down and discover why this has been called “The Best Damn FAM Tour, Period!

Sound intriguing? Check out the rest of the website. And if you’re interested in experiencing our next FAM Tour, register right away. Space is limited!


Northwest Ohio's Growth Sectors

Northwest Ohio has developed a diverse industry base which capitalizes on our regional competitive assets spanning the traditional sectors such as workforce, geographic location, education, transportation and quality of life.

Our business development efforts are focused on five primary industry sectors driving our region’s growth:

  1. Energy
  2. Logistics & Transportation
  3. Automotive
  4. Food Processing
  5. Advanced Manufacturing

Northwest Ohio provides competitive advantages to businesses allowing them to achieve next-level success:

Business Climate – Lower taxes and operating costs

Workforce – 30 colleges and universities withing an hour’s drive

Infrastructure – Designated a 5-Star Logistics Metro

But don’t take our word for it – come out and hear from the business leaders across Northwest Ohio talk about the driving reason for their success.

About Us

The Regional Growth Partnership is a private, proactive economic development group focused on meeting the site selection needs of corporate clients in a confidential, innovative, time-sensitive manner. Being private means politics has no place in our business model. At the RGP we do what’s best for the client. That means site searches are done to meet companies/consultants’ bottom line needs – not the needs of bureaucrats or politicians.

We offer a full range of traditional business development services, working in conjunction with our partners at the regional and state levels, to most effectively manage the site selection process. Our broad experience in economic development is a valuable resource in helping clients assess market potential and infrastructure requirements, identify potential funding sources, and evaluate utilities and tax advantages for specific development projects.



Register Today!

This year’s Northwest Ohio Fam Tour takes place on June 13-15, 2018. If you’re interested in learning about our region’s assets and how we can help your client companies succeed, you’ll want to be at this summer’s FAM Tour. Please call 419-704-0344 or click the link below. Hurry, space is limited!